Blessed to have you for 13 wonderful years

Steve went Home with God, on Thursday, August 23rd, 2007. He was the beloved son of Sharon & Tom Doberstein, Brother to Alicia and Meghan Doberstein. He is survived and loved by many relatives, special friends: Tyler and Ross, Sensei Mark Weinberg and the Karate Family, and hundreds of special friends.

Steve Doberstein

Steve Doberstein

Our Story

It was a warm and beautiful Thursday afternoon, on August 23rd, 2007. We were on vacation, at my sister- in-laws lake cottage with our family, our new AFS student from Italy, and two of the kids friends. After lunch we loaded up the family to take turns tubing around Pearl Lake for an afternoon of fun. Alicia and Steve each had their own tube and were having a blast being pulled around the lake.. The boat waves got a little choppy and all of a sudden Steve's tube went towards shore and hit a floating wooden raft. Thankfully, Alicia's tube went the other way. Steve hit the raft head on, and died instantly, he didn't suffer any pain. And our greif story of losing a son begins...

My Story

I recall the first 12 hours and having the taunting task of telephoning and emailing friends and family about what happened. I think I was still in shock and felt completly empty. I know I was breathing, and blood was pumping through my veins, and that's all I knew, other than that I had no feelings and emotions. I was reading email responses at 3:00a.m because I couldn't sleep. I was dumbfounded when a friend seriously and sincerely asked, How I was? I pondered for about 15 minutes, wondering if I could feel an emotion. Then, I realized I felt empathy, because I didn't just lose a son, so did my husband, children, family, friends, and community. I realized this was the grief journey of many, and we all had to survive it.

I started a series of long emails to a large group of friends that first year to let eveyone know how we were coping. The emails opened up communication on a subject that noone talks about or understands.

Within six months of Steve's death, I started sharing my story at MATC for a class called, Death & Dying. I continue to be a guest speaker, on losing a child, and what it feels like, after death communication, and so much more.

I encourage anyone to share your stories. This blog is open to write your stories and memories, your religious views, spirituality, after death communication, thoughts on death. It's our journey to remember and learn...

I also wish to share with you the additional tabbed pages: Random Thoughts, Email Communication during the first year, and Steve's Poems.
Please feel free to share your thoughts and comments, I started this blog to help and learn. Blessings to you!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Everyone's Journey

I have had over a dozen people suggest I write a book about Losing a Child, and the Journey, Lessons, and Wisdom I've gained. What better way then to start with a blog, and be able to share "Our Stories" and have others share all of your thoughts and memories.